Physical benefits of hiking

The world is beautiful, enjoy it.

I like to get out and see all the beautiful things’ nature has to offer. I am a very fortunate person and live where there are

plenty of places to hike, and beautiful things’ to see. For me there are many physical benefits of hiking, and staying in shape

is one of the most important to me. I have always been one to be on the go most of the time. I believe this is the key to living

a longer and healthier life.

Good clean air

Another benefit is the fresh clean air full of oxygen. This is very good for your cardiovascular system. Most of my hiking takes

place in the mountains of which you have to a little careful. The higher in elevation you go the thinner the air. It doesn’t

bother me, but I have done it all my life. I like to look off from the top of a mountain and see what’s on the other side. Even if, I

have seen it a hundred times. It may be the same view, but it is always a little different. This year there don’t seem to be as

many leaves on the trees, I think it is do to dry weather conditions. None the less, still beautiful.

Feeling better and building muscle

When hiking you use most of the muscles in your body. When you use them, they improve. That is how we are designed by

nature. So hiking naturally builds and tones your muscles. In doing so improving your heath, so you can feel better. When we,

feel better we tend to smile more. A smile means, life is good.

Make the best of it

Now I know not all of us have the luxury of being in a good hiking location 15 minutes from home in almost any direction.

Please do not let that stop you from keeping up with your health. No matter how you go about it being healthy is a better life.

If, you don’t believe me try it. You have nothing to lose and a whole life to gain. How do you like to stay in shape? Where

might you go for a hike, or just a walk? Feel free

to leave a comment.

Thank you,


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Paul Fitzpatrick

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