Cardio Health Benefits, the list could go on forever

Live each day to the fullest

As we go through life we tend to create goals for ourselves. Goals are very important to us for the simple fact that without them we would not get anything accomplished. With that in mind think about what you’re going to do tomorrow. Chances are at some point you will have to do a physical activity. It can be anything from walking into the office to playing with your kids, grand kids, or maybe you’re pet. Whatever it may be try to imagine not being able to do it. You see everything you do relates to you’re cardio health benefits in one way or another.

Maybe you are planning to play a game of catch with your kid when you get home. I see that as a goal, and without your health that is one goal that won’t be met. So why would you not want to take some time and set a few goals to improve your health. Another consideration here is what about you’re loved ones and friends. Don’t they deserve you’re full attention? Your pets count in this as well. Last time I checked not very many dogs are able to walk themselves, not to mention they enjoy the companionship.

When we don’t feel good everyone suffers no matter what.

The beauty of nature

I have always been one to spend as much time as I can out doors. It don’t really matter to me what I’m doing, what does matter is, i can. One way Imy kids hiking clear my head and keep it healthy is to go hiking for a few hours in the mountains. It’s always quiet and peaceful, and there is a good chance that I will see some wildlife. After a good hike like that I always feel better. My mind gets cleared out, and my body is ready for some rest. It’s a win win situation.

If they go with me my kids enjoy it as well. Like me they get to forget about school, chores, and any other distractions they may have. The exercise is good for them as well, it tires them out so they can sleep well. That gives me even more peace and quiet.

Set a good example

It don’t seem to matter if I run on the treadmill at home or go out in the mountains, I get the same effect. When I do things to improve my health, so do my kids. What that means to me is, i get to spend that much more time with them. When your body is in good shape so is your mind.

This helps all aspects of your life. You have a better work ethic, and a better home life. When things at work and at home are better, so is your attitude. It’s like a big circle, and it all starts with your health, and how you take care of it. Spend some time, and do a little research and find out how to best improve you’re physical health. You will be glad you did.

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Paul Fitzpatrick


  1. Doing physical activities with kids is great advice. It instills in them the importance of moving. Moving is so vital to our life. We have become way too sedentary as a society.

  2. Great post about cardio. Being an athletes it is great that I exercise my heart regularly. I think people can improve their cardio by focusing on this article.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I agree with living each day to the fullest, and being on top of our health. I take long walks from one to two hours, three times a week and go hiking the odd time. It keeps us in shape mentally and physically.

  4. I agree cardio is important. All forms of exercise actually. Like oyu, I find being out in nature relaxing and its great to tire out any excess physical energy in kids!

  5. Hi Paul. Some people are becoming lazy and missing out the wonders of life. we can only dream what we see on TV or online. wishing our lives away winning the lottery and traveling the world when the true wonder is not too far away. no money in the world buys good health and true happiness. setting goals by just going for a simple walk even for 5 or 15 minutes is a good start which sets you apart from anyone else who doesn’t take action, no matter how small it is that all that it takes is to plant that small seed which will grow, you post is very enlightening and gives the motivation and inspiration to anyone what you do. thanks for sharing this

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